PharmaTech is bi-monthly magazine Published by KNS MEDIA (A Kns Group Company), which is an Industrial journal on Pharma & Allied Industry.
PharmaTech Provides an Excellent Platform to all Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Allied Industrial suppliers, as well as Buyers promoted National & International level.
More than 25,000 Readerships in -------------------------------
Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmaceutical Processing Machinery & Allied Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery, Chemical Industry, Bio-Tech Industry, 
Lab Equipment & Analytical Instruments Suppliers, Clean Room Equipment & Environment Control Machinery Manufacturers, Water & Waste Water Management  Industry, 
Automation Industry, Utilities Equipment, C.R.O. and Drug Testing laboratories etc. And Also Circulate in National and international Conferences & Exhibitions.

Every Issue will be distributed to provide the Maximum Reach & Coverage benefits.We have our own B2B Pharma and Allied Industry Portal on which we also promote our magazine worldwide.

Advertisements Rates
Position Rate / Issue Size
Front Gatefold 40000/- 25Cm H X 37Cm W
Back Gatefold 35000/- 25 Cm H X 37 Cm W
Front Cover 30000/- 20 Cm H X 21 Cm W
Double Spread 25000/- 25 Cm H X 39 Cm W
Back Cover 25000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Second Cover 18000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Third Cover 18000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
First Page 15000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Last Page 15000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Page Facing to Editor 13000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Page Facing to Content 13000/- 25 Cm H X  18 Cm W
Full Page 12000/- 25Cm H X 18Cm W
Half Page (1/2) 7000/- 25Cm H X 8.5 Cm W
Quarter Page (1/4) 4000/- 12 Cm H X 8.5 Cm W
Designing charges Extra**

Payment should be in advance every issue. Advertisement Art work should be in PDF or Coral File.

Kindly include this magazine in your Advertising Budget and promote your company nationally and internationally.

It is our endeavor to give best to our clients for a faithful and long term relationship. We always welcome your new development , innovative idea and articles to put it down in our publication. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome for making our magazine so acceptable to the Industry. Looking forward for your same contribution & support in our Publication.

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